My paintings can represent abstract, abstract realism, realism, geometric forms, or anything in between, and my paintings range in style, and reflect my inspiration from nature, and my imagination.

I paint with acrylic paint, acrylic ink, alcohol inks, pour mediums, and glass.

I often paint organically. This means I do not necessarily know what I’m going to paint until I pick up the paint, the brush, the palette knife, or I begin using my fingers. As I paint, I am guided by imagination and emotion. I hone into that imagination and emotion, lean into it, and begin painting. It’s like going on a journey; and every journey takes me to someplace new.

With glass, my paintings are painted using a technique called Hinterglasmalerei. I like to paint on old windows, which have been removed from old buildings that are being renovated. Working with older glass, it has been weathered, so the paint adheres to it differently and creates a feeling that cannot be replicated with glass that has not been worn.

I am passionate about what I create, and curios by nature, so I am constantly creating.

I am often heard saying, “I cannot not create.”

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