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Naples Daily News

New Medical Procedure Alleviates Pain of Tendinitis

Tennis took its toll on Naples resident Phil Landauer. The pain from his damaged tendon was so aggravating the tennis pro avoided the courts where he loved to teach and play.


Philadelphia Weekly

Kerry-ing Favor

Just days before the Pennsylvania primary, with the Keystone state living up to its name, Sen. John Kerry spoke with PW to give one more push for Barack Obama’s nomination. He talked about what Obama can do for Philadelphia, and how his gut instinct about the young senator from Illinois proved right.


The Evening Bulletin

Center City Street Musician Plays Pots, Pans—Even A Fridge

His distinctive sharp rhythm catches people off-guard as his music echoes down the streets, blocks away from where he is playing. People investigate because his beat is catchy. Their eyes grow when the sight of his drum set comes into view.


Milestones Newspaper

Toughest Thing About Being Centenarian ‘is watching my children grow old’

Remember how you always wanted to belong to a group, but you weren’t old enough? Well, to be a part of this “in” crowd, you have to be at least 100.


The Green Couch

Clark Park and a 7 year-old Special Agent

She surveyed me from multiple angles as she played on the monkey bars, as she ran by, while she wove in and out between the kids, as she pretended to talk to other kids and as she stood near a tree. It was like she had one of those little cameras, taking these quick candid snapshots, but it was for her own personal memory bank.


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