The Importance of Social Media

I have found social media to be a time consuming process; but it’s worth the time, so don’t snub it.

I’ve created an exponential growth of valuable followers. I have found excellent websites, very creative individuals, and supporters. The amount of information I find from those tweets, through Facebook, images through Pinterest, reviews from Goodreads, etc. provides something; whether that is an idea, a fact, a decision, laughter or helps me with my thoughts—it’s a piece to the creative puzzle—for use.

That’s important to think about as a marketer. Regardless of your background—writer, artist, scientist—it’s allowing you to put yourself and your ware out there for sale, for information, for increased attention. Think of Tyler Oakley (to read more visit my 22 February post).


Through Facebook, I learned what vibrissae are. For readers who don’t know, it’s the stiff hairs on the snout of an mammal. That might not mean anything to you, but it does to me as a writer.

From a tweet, I saw an image that blew my mind away. Two hours later, I had written a 3,000 word short story that I can see as a book and a series. There was no pause in my writing; it was immediate. It was pure euphoria.

That’s what any creative wants; that euphoria of creativity.

What I ask from my readers is to rethink what you know about social media and see how it can work for you.