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In my last blog post I mentioned about creating my niche. One important aspect is creating a logo design, so check out my logo at the top of the page! Another aspect to creating my own market is that I’m continuously working on other venues for selling my artwork. I opened an Etsy store to […]

Create to Discover

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Fully formed work for an artist is pretty much a misnomer. Personally, some pieces flow out like water, while others feel like constipation. Like so many artists, one way or another, it will come out of me; it’s a matter of how it will come out, and what I will do with it that makes […]

Author Interview: John Scalzi

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JOHN SCALZI is one of the most popular and acclaimed SF authors to emerge in the last decade. His massively successful debut Old Man’s War won him science fiction’s John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. His New York Times bestsellers include The Last Colony, Fuzzy Nation, and Redshirts; which won 2013’s Hugo Award […]

Author Interview: Lin Enger

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Lin Enger is the author of two novels, The High Divide (Algonquin, September 2014) and Undiscovered Country (Little, Brown, 2008).  He received his MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and teaches English at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  In the 1990s he collaborated with his brother, the novelist Leif Enger, on a series of mystery novels […]

Building Creativity

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How do I build creativity? Discipline Adapting and Defying Odds Surrounding Yourself with Talented and Skilled People Problem Solving Taking Risks Failing Persistence Taking an idea and bringing it to fruition may sound like an easy process, but it’s very time consuming. The thought process that goes into it, the persistence, being adaptable and defying […]

The Importance of Social Media

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I have found social media to be a time consuming process; but it’s worth the time, so don’t snub it. I’ve created an exponential growth of valuable followers. I have found excellent websites, very creative individuals, and supporters. The amount of information I find from those tweets, through Facebook, images through Pinterest, reviews from Goodreads, […]


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Every artist has a vision. Nick Goepper makes his look easy. That’s the job of every artist. To make it look like a breeze, Means determination, stamina, strength, and vision. Watch Nick Goepper and his winning slopestyle tricks to understand an artistic dream and executing it.