Create to Discover

Fully formed work for an artist is pretty much a misnomer. Personally, some pieces flow out like water, while others feel like constipation. Like so many artists, one way or another, it will come out of me; it’s a matter of how it will come out, and what I will do with it that makes the difference.

Creativity is like being a scientist who is trying to make a discovery. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of thought, and lot of trial and error. That’s what writing and art is to me. It’s manipulating the image, the words into something that hasn’t been done before, into a story that is worth the space it occupies to discover its meaning.

For the past month I have been burning the midnight oil. I have been pitching ideas, writing and developing them, as well as working on my other creative endeavors, incorporating reading material every chance I can get.

What I have found with reading is an exit, and entrance, into my mind that assists in my creativity on all fronts. Have you ever had a text that pushes and pulls your mind to experience shapes, colors, and realms that you wouldn’t have imagined otherwise?

Some of those texts I’ve recently read and viewed are: Igor Goldkind’s poetry in Is She Available?, Barry Estabrook’s Tomatoland, articles in The Sun, Psychology Today, Forbes and Genome magazines.

Most of what I read brings me to discovery, which is exactly what I’m learning: how to discover. Reading is one way into my mind. Getting inside my thought process and coming back to share with others what I found while I was there is an achievement.

I hope that I’ll be given the opportunity to continually share my imagination, and expand on that experience with others, who like myself, live to create and create to discover.