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Living in Southwest Florida, I feel musically challenged. I want more musical choices, and they simple don’t exist with the stations that are available here. Welcome KCRW. I love this station with its eclectic choices, which I find myself listening to while I write. Do you know it? Morning Becomes Eclectic sound familiar? Hosted by Jason Bentley, this is only one of the many choices that KCRW has.

Also offered by KCRW: The Organist is a delicious storytelling realm hosted by Andrew Leland, and as a storyteller, I like what I hear. Listen to Episode 42: the Oracle.

I feel like I hit the jackpot.

This Los Angeles radio station covers music, news and culture, and happening events like art fests, live musical performances, film fests, politics, literature, pop culture and offers so much that I can’t list all of what they do.

Check them out if you haven’t already. You’ll get hooked too.

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