eRockit: The Hybrid Motorcycle

Want a new way to get around?  How about the eRockit?  The “highly emotional electric motorcycle” is the new green way to go. German inventor, Stefan Gulas, came up with the revolutionary concept based on the bicycle. Combining the exertion used on a bicycle with an electric propulsion system, it multiplies the pedaling effort by factor of up to 50. This increased energy is sent to the rear wheel, which gives it speed. No separate acceleration pedal, just pure power of pedaling, so the faster the driver pedals, the faster it moves. Reaching a top speed of 50 mph with only hand brakes to slow down, the hybrid motorcycle is something to see.

Weighing 225 pounds (100 kilos), it uses a lithium-ion nanophosphate battery that needs to be charged for every 60 to 80 kilometers, but can last for 50,000 kilometers of use or about 10 years, which ever comes first. The eRockit also uses regenerative braking which uses the energy for braking to recharge the battery.

Not considered to be cheap (aprox. $40,000), four prototypes have been tested and made with only 10 vehicles planned for the year. Expecting to lower the price tag further, Stefan Gulas plans to visit America in November to talk to people about his invention.

Despite the price tag, it is still cutting edge.

What’s so revolutionary about this design is that the amount the driver exerts is equally as important as the mechanics. Pedaling charges the battery, so it’s also like a two for one deal. Considering the acceleration pedal is the driver, this invention not only makes it green conscious, but health conscious as well with no exhaust, little noise and a bit of a workout, too.

The company, ErockIT GmbH, was founded in 2005 by inventor Stefan Gulas.  Click here to visit their Website.