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I love writing. As with other writers, sometimes finding the right word to formulate a sentence is difficult. Those words and I, sometimes we don’t know what to say to each other. We call each other things we don’t understand, and the dictionary befriends us both—the common ground for us not to fight as much, […]

Tweet the Throwaway Sentence

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Throwing out a perfectly great sentence, are you nuts? Nope, just realistic. If it doesn’t fit with the flow of the story, it has to be removed regardless how much I love it. I call this sentence killing or otherwise known as the throwaway sentence. Is it easy to do? No, but I have to […]

Open Mic

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Last Thursday I had the pleasure of reading my work to a crowd that gathered at the Burlap and Bean Coffee house in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. I did not realize the venue was mostly for musicians; however, this did not deter me. I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The performers were incredibly talented and I got […]

Research Writing and Learning

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I have always loved the learning process, especially when gaining knowledge is at my own pace. Researching is about finding facts and learning. It’s a process where discoveries are born. When I find a particular fascinating fact, I call that a “golden nugget.” It’s that juicy piece of information that is like a gem. When […]

Research Writing

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For me, investigative work goes along with writing. It usually begins with a question or questions. Whether it is an historical piece, science, political and/or corporate criminal issues, crime scene, etc., it takes time, concerted effort, motivation and determination to find the facts. It’s up to you to decide whether to weave the story into […]

Fearless Writing

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Fear of Writing? Do you have it? The fear of writing can be reality. There’s something about the white space that can be intimidating. I get that. Sometimes I look at the white space as a portal, an unknown, and that unknown can be frightening, but I also look at it as a space where […]

Building a Writer’s Platform

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I’m trying to build a stronger writer’s platform, and in that process I’m finding it to be a lot like writing. I think Billy Collins summed it up well in his poem, Budapest, especially when coupled with the visual component. Building that platform is first understanding its importance and then putting the pieces together to […]

Got a Nerd?

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Here’s something to nosh on mentally for the New Year: Get a nerd. Have one in your life. A nerd is an innovator, the one on the edge of discovery, the one that’s going to make change happen. Scientists and engineers are innovators and most would consider them nerds. This thought came about this past […]


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The New Year has begun and we didn’t fall off of the cliff — fiscal or otherwise — and now we can begin to enjoy the changes that 2013 will bring. Personally, I am looking very forward to this year and I’m open to the opportunities that may come my way. On the top of […]


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Some backwards movement can get complex. A great example is the movie, Memento. Released in 2000, it was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, and was an adaptation of Johnathan Nolan’s short story Memento Mori. The movie hit upon something that is difficult to do, but Nolan successfully achieved it. I happened to be writing […]