Canon and Ron Howard: Project Imagina8ion, Project Imaginat10n

I think what Ron Howard says in this video is dead-on for creative people.

“You’re sharing something you created and it’s aimed to generate a reaction. You don’t always know exactly what the reaction is going to be, nor should you always know, but it is important that you begin to understand what kinds of reactions your work does stimulate in people and that’s when you begin to have some command over the medium that you’re working in.”

I love what he has to say that “you’ve got to do it, create it, take the time and then share it.”

Ron Howard has a working partnership with Canon to create a film based from photograph contests.

The Film, When You Find Me, is from Project Imagin8ion, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. The film was created from eight different photos that were winners of the photo contests.

Here’s where you can find out more about Canon and Ron Howard next project: Project Imaginat10n: The Film Contest.