Rodrigo García at Kelly Writers House

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“Everything is in the bible, this from a house of you know Atheists, … or if it’s not in the Bible than it’s in Don Quixote and if there is anything left over it must be in Moby Dick,” Rodrigo García stated while visiting the Kelly Writers House this week at the University of Pennsylvania’s campus.

His expression of his life growing up in his household included the importance of being an artist and how those artists are immortal even if they weren’t well known, and equally significant was the writer Juan Rulfo.

“Juan Rulfo was one of the greatest writers that ever lived…. That was the bible and we just accepted that.”

Giving one of the quotes from this childhood underscored the importance of storytelling:

“There is nothing better than something well told.”

Continue listening to what Rodrigo García said at Kelly Writers House:

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